Faith Hope Love Charm Bracelet

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  • FAITHFUL CHARM: Faith brings love to those who love, forgiveness to those who ask and eternal hope to those who believe. This charm serves as a symbol of all the good your faithfulness brings to your life.
  • ALWAYS CHARM: Trust your heart. A life worth living is one that finds strength in the depths of love, good and bad. This charm reminds you that your heart will always find its way home.
  • HOPE CHARM: Butterflies are known to bring positive change, hope and guidance during the many changes that happen in life. This charm inspires personal growth and the ability to reinvigorate your spirit.
  • The loveliest thing about this bracelet is that you get to decide what it means to you. Shop our full Charm Collection here.


  • Bracelet: 7.25 in. to 8.5 in. adjustable length with toggle closure, 1 charm clasp - Holds 1-3 charms, Style #474884
  • Always Heart Charm: Mother-of-Pearl, Semi-Precious, Style #960255
  • Hope Butterfly Charm: White Opal Glass Crystals, Style #960279
  • Faithful Cross Charm: Clear Glass Crystals, Clear Glass, Style #960378
  • Premium 14 KT Matte Gold Plating over Brass