Poppy Bunny 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Poppy Bunny 1000 Piece Puzzle shows springtime animals and flowers awakening and rejoicing. This artwork gives a nod to the etching masters of the past with the finest attention to natural details. A vibrant and rich illustration that celebrates the arrival of Spring. Illustrated by Malin Gyllensvaan. Vigilant and still as stone, A bunny listens to the breeze, The gentle buzzing of the bees, While poppies bob as they are blown. May this puzzle offer you Calm like this; it’s overdue. Puzzles are a great activity for groups and families Full color insert included Box: 11" x 2" x 11" Puzzle: 23" x 23" Sustainably sourced: Made with recycled board and printed on FSC®-certified paper using vegetable-based inks.